Products Introduction

Functional type

The catalyst plays an extremely important role in the modern chemical industry, chemical production, scientists experiment and life activities, the catalyst can flourish. Nowadays almost more than half of chemical products are used in the production process where the catalyst. According to statistics, about 80% to 85% of the chemical production process using a catalyst, the purpose is to accelerate the reaction rate and improve production efficiency.


Petroleum refining
Increase gasoline octane and conduct residue processing.

Heavy sulfur desulphurization
Including limestone and flue gas desulfurization.

Use of different catalysts, you can get different quality of gasoline, kerosene. Chemical synthesis of acidic and basic color can Seth catalyst.

Gas Manufacturing
Exhaust contains harmful carbon monoxide and nitric oxide, using a metal catalyst such as platinum can be both quickly into harmless carbon dioxide and nitrogen.

Hydrogenated fats
Nickel - Molybdenum sulfide, etc., used in the hydro-treating of petroleum refining, etc.; complex catalyst, such as RhCl[P (C6H5)3], for a homogeneous liquid phase hydrogenation.

Medicine & Food
Enzymes are proteins with catalytic ability of plants, animals and microorganisms, chemical reactions in almost all organisms enzyme catalysis carried out, the brewing industry, the pharmaceutical industry so as to use the catalyst reminders.