Products Introduction

Electronic Application
  In current electronic field, it is very important to long-term protect many precision and sensitive circuit and components, therefore the requirement of chemical raw material is higher and higher. And we company produce series of high purity products can meet this requirement, such as Copper Oxalate can be used in precision plating, the electronics industry.
  Add acetate in zinc manganese dry battery can improve the battery capacity, extend battery life. Cobalt Acetate Tetrahydrate is  Plus-n-Minus material made of high quality lithium ion battery
  Electronic grade ammonium fluoride is mainly used in electronic industry, suitable for production of electronic products , has extremely low electrical impurity content.Over the past few years, the rapid development of electronic industry lead the rapid development for production of electronic grade ammonium fluoride,the development of  electronic grade ammonium fluoride industry has entered a new stage.
  Copper chloride can effectively remove harmful metal ion, organic impurities and insolubles through the unique purification process, which can avoid the effect to the stability of plating solution because of the catalytic reaction caused by the metal ions and the other impurities. Because of its high quality, it can be used in the bottom of the non-metallic plating, PCB hole metallization and electromagnetic shielding layer of electronic instrument etc.
  Ferric Chloride Hexahydrate can be used in manufacturing circuit board in electronic industry and fluorescence digital tubes. Ferrous Chloride Tetrahydrate is often used to manufacture high purity magnetic materials. Ferrous Chloride solution can be used to making manganese zinc iron gas magnetic materials after transferred to high purity ferric oxide powder with high-temperature roasting. Ferric Oxide can be used to manufacture superfine magnetic materials in duplicator toner.
  Rubidium silver iodide is a well know Electron conductors highlighted in conductivity,and can be used as electrolyte of Solid battery.Rubidium antimonide and Rubidium telluride are the most Important material in make photocell、photoemission cell、atomic clock、image-pickup tube and photomultiplier,and The necessary materials in field of infrared technology.
  Adds Cesium Hydroxide into alkaline battery can reduce the freezing point of electrolyte, increase electric conductivity and improve electric capacity. Cesium Chromate and Cesium Carbonate can be used in photomultiplier, camera tube and magnetohydrodynamic generator.
  As electronic grade Ferrous Nitrate has a fast speed of stripping stannous, smaller corrosion to the substrate, it is mainly used for electronic circuit board cleaning. Nickel Series batteries because of their high energy, no memory effect, circulate more times, there is no heavy metals as cadmium, mercury pollute to the environment etc. and other prominent advantages, it has now become the competing focal point of research and development in the international, Nickel Nitrate mainly used in manufacture of batteries. Copper Nitrate mainly used in photoresistance materials. Manganese Nitrate mainly used in manufacture of electronic components.

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