Products Introduction

Optical Application
Our company produce optical materials are widely used in high pixel digital camera, monitoring system (CCTV), optical fiber Glass filter, precise guidance and infrared imaging lens system to have in the optical low pass filter (OLPF), infrared absorption Glass (IR Absorbing Glass Type), and other core components; such as
Ferric Iodide is a halide that can provide extensive ultraviolet radiation. It can improve spectral output of lights when in the 380 nm wavelength range. Ferric iodide metal halide lights can be effective in optical high polymer materials and solar energy film exposure system.
Optical materials can be widely used in optical glass,  for example: Calcium Fluoride has good translucency and lower refractive index, it can be used as material of ultraviolet and infrared optical instrument. It also used in FUJI ND of infrared gas analysis instrument, achromatic lens of not visible spectrum range, high quality microscope, astronomical telescope, infrared camera and infrared video recorder special lens used for public security solving cases.
Contain rubidium optical glass is widely used in optical fiber communication and night vision device. Rubidium carbonate is act as additive in produce optical glass, it can reduce glass conductivity, increase the stability and service life. Rubidium Oxide can Adjust the density of optical glass and refractive index,and also can used to produce light-sensitive glass and photochromic glass.rubidium nitrate can be used to the solvent to produce toughened glass to Increase its strength.
Cesium Iodide can be used in single crystal, high pressure mercury lamp, scintillating material in detector and infrared spectrum. It can enhance the brightness of screen materials when adds into Zinc Sulfide for basal screen materials, Cesium Propionate also can be used in optical fiber and optical glass.