Products Introduction

High purity Oxalates

We can provide a series of oxalates.They can be widely used in pharmaceuticals, battery, catalyst, electronic and analytical reagent etc. 



Copper oxalate can strongly catalyze the thermal decomposition reaction of ammonium perchlorate, which can make significantly  lower the decomposition temperature and accelerate the reaction rate of ammonium perchlorate. 


Ferrous Oxalate has the advantages of specific capacity and low capacity decay rate after circulation, so it's the preferred  raw material for manufacturing  iron-phosphate-based lithium-ion batteries with stable quality. At present, main iron-phosphate-based lithium-ion batteries manufactures from China and the United States all use ferrous oxalate as raw materials.  Iron-phosphate-based lithium-ion batteries are widely used in electric bicycle, mini electric tool and household stored energy tool along with massively commercialization of electric bicycle industry and large stored energy infrastructure construction of solar energy, wind energy and water hydraulic energy.


Manganese Oxalate can be used as roborant  in pharmaceutical and also used for curing  anemia.  It can be also used in manufacturing compound hypophosphorous acid syrup, nourish syrup with cod-liver oil and other emulsion, food additives and as raw materials for making lackluster polycondensation fiber.


Copper Oxalate can be used in precise electroplating and electronics industry.