Products Introduction

High purity Rubidium Cesium Series

We can offer a variety of rubidium salt.such as Rubidium Carbonate, Rubidium Chloride, Rubidium Sulfate, Rubidium Nitrate, Rubidium Iodide, Rubidium Oxide And Rubidium Hydroxide.

Our product is widely used in optical glass, medical, analytical reagent, catalyst and electron device and some other fields. Otherwise, because of the character of increase efficiency, fuel conservation and reduce scraps, it become more and more important in the field of magnetohydrodynamic generator, aerospace, energy and national defense industry.

Optical glass
Contain rubidium optical glass is widely used in optical fiber communication and night vision device. Rubidium carbonate is act as additive in produce optical glass, it can reduce glass conductivity, increase the stability and service life. Rubidium Oxide can Adjust the density of optical glass and refractive index,and also can used to produce light-sensitive glass and photochromic glass.rubidium nitrate can be used to the solvent to produce toughened glass to Increase its strength.

Rubidium Chloride and some other RbCl can be regarded as medium in over speed centrifugal separation process of DNA and RNA .Usually, rubidium iodide can replace the potassium iodide to deal with Thyroid Enlargement. Otherwise, part of the RbCl can pose as tranquilizer, resistance to shock preparation and treat with the Epilepsy.

Analysis reagent
Rubidium nitrate can be used as analytical reagent、oxidant、material of test radioactive substance; radioactive material.rubidium chloride is used to analysis sodium、iridium、titanium、zirconium and analysis of perchlorate.

Electron device
Rubidium silver iodide is a well know Electron conductors highlighted in conductivity,and can be used as electrolyte of Solid battery.Rubidium antimonide and Rubidium telluride are the most Important material in make photocell、photoemission cell、atomic clock、image-pickup tube and photomultiplier,and The necessary materials in field of infrared technology.