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Catalyst Agent Application
Catalysts play an extremely important role in the modern chemical industry. Catalysts help a lot in the chemicals production, scientific experiment and life activities. At present, almost more than half of the chemicals use catalysts in production process.
According to statistics, catalysts are used in about 80%~85% production process of chemicals, which aims to accelerate the reaction rate and improve the production efficiency.
For example, chloride is widely used in catalyst, such as ferric chloride, ferric trichloride anhydrous is strong lewis acid, can be used as organic synthesis catalyst, production catalyst of organic synthesis dichloroethane.
Chromic bromide is mainly used as polymerization catalyst of Olefin,iron bromide, cupric bromide is mainly used as catalyst in Pharmaceutical synthesis.
Cuprous Iodide can be used as organic synthesis catalyst. For example, it can catalyze aryl bromide, bromo-heterocyclic compound and vinyl bromide to translate to the corresponding iodides under 1, 2 - or 1, 3-2 amine ligand. Chromium Iodide is often used as low-temperature conversion catalyst and halogenating agent. Lithium Iodide can be used in catalytic dehydrogenation reaction for Hydrocarbon
Ferric Sulfate Nonahydrate can be used as polymerization catalyst. Ferrous sulfate is often used as iron catalyst. Ferric Acetate, Ferrous Chloride, Ferric Chloride, Ferric Bromide and Ferric Oxalate also can be used in medicine and as organic synthesis catalyst. 
Manganese Nitrate can be used as catalyst agent of hardened oil. In addition, Ferrous Nitrate and Copper Nitrate can also be used as catalyst agent.
Manganese acetate Tetrahydrate is mainly used as catalyst of acetaldehyde oxidation, xylene high temperature oxidation and fiber dyeing oxidation. Cobalt acetate anhydrous can also be used as catalyst of xylene oxidation, mainly used for organic synthesis oxidation catalyst (p-xylene oxidation is the basic material making polyester resin, the catalyst of terephthalic acid)
Copper oxalate can strongly catalyze the thermal decomposition reaction of ammonium perchlorate, which can make significantly lower the decomposition temperature and accelerate the reaction rate of ammonium perchlorate. 
In refineries, we can obtain diverse qualitative gasoline and kerosene with different kinds of catalysts. Using platinum-containing catalyst can quickly convert vehicle exhaust of harmful carbon monoxide and nitric oxide to harmless carbon dioxide and nitrogen. The catalysts are also applied widely in resources utilization, energy development, pharmaceutical manufacture and environmental protection etc. Scientists are making efforts to explore suitable application of catalysts in some respects in recent years.

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